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The 10 Most-Read Institut Montaigne Articles of 2019

BLOG - 20 December 2019

By Institut Montaigne

As the year draws to a close, we suggest you take a look back at our ten most read articles of the year.

Be it the future of the world order, the "revolution" in Europe’s approach with China, or Macron’s latest interview with The Economist, this ranking is a mirror of the main topics that made the headlines for the past twelve months, of which Institut Montaigne has been the witness and the privileged commentator. Take advantage of the end of the year to read - or re-read - these analyses.

10. The Fall of American Primacy?


When our Visiting Fellow Soli Özel meets Stephen Walt, the leading proponent of the Realist tradition of international relations, their spicy conversation about the future of the world order is worth a serious look.


9. Portrait of Jair Bolsonaro - President of the Federative Republic of Brazil


Jair Bolsonaro came out of nowhere. Professor Frédéric Louault, a great Brazil specialist at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, deciphers for us the personality of an improbable president, beyond the widespread caricatures.


8. French Healthcare System: Strong Assets, New Challenges


In just a two-minute read, our Policy Officer, Laure Millet, unfolds the ins and outs of the French healthcare system.


7. What to do about neo-authoritarians? Ingredients to start a debate


You may think Putin has nothing to do with Netanyahu who has nothing to do with Erdoğan, but we have taken the opposite point of view and brought together 18 “strong men” under the name of “neo-authoritarians”. These portraits all unveil a new continuum between regressive democracy and the most absolute form of dictatorship. But beyond this grim picture of our world, what can be done about the neo-authoritarian wave? Michel Duclos shares key ingredients to start a debate


6. Europe facing China: a Copernican revolution


François Godement, our Senior Advisor for Asia, shares his viewpoint on the "revolution" in Europe's approach with China.


5. Emmanuel Macron - "Europe on the edge of a precipice"


Emmanuel Macron's latest interview with The Economist did not go unnoticed. According to our Special Advisor Michel Duclos, who went over his corrosive language with a fine-tooth comb, the President's strategy is somewhat risky.


4. Hong Kong’s Last Gasp


According to our Senior Advisor for Asia François Godement, Hong Kong's fate is inexorable. If so, should our (too) prudent democracies remain mutic? Probably not.


3. Laïcité: Why French Secularism is So Hard to Grasp


Laïcité is a recurring debate topic in the french society. Discover its definition and history with Anastasia Colosimo, PhD student in political theory and a professor of political theology at Sciences Po Paris.


2. Turkey's Municipal Elections : A Political Game Changer?


The municipal elections that took place on March 31 in Turkey are as significant as those of 1994. Fruitful insight by our Visiting Fellow Soli Özel. 


1. What Challenges is Germany Facing?


In 2017 our Economic Advisor, Eric Chaney wrote a piece about Germany's upcoming challenges that is obviously still a must-read.


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