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Milo Rignell

Resident Fellow and Project Manager - Emerging Technologies

Resident Fellow

Milo Rignell has been leading Institut Montaigne's work on digital policy and emerging technologies since 2022. This work has covered various topics in French and European digital strategies, including cybersecurity, funding, tech talent supply and in particular safe and trustworthy artificial intelligence. Milo previously worked on experimenting and developing projects that test and put into action Institut Montaigne’s policy proposals as Head of Innovation. These included an online AI literacy course, Destination AI, and a project aimed at improving mathematics levels in primary school.

Milo joined Institut Montaigne in 2018 as Chief of Staff to the Director. Previously, he co-founded an online education startup in 2015 and worked for a technology-orientated think tank.

Milo holds a degree in philosophy, politics and economics from the University of Oxford.

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