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Mathieu Duchâtel

Resident Senior Fellow and Director of International Studies

Resident Fellow

Dr. Mathieu Duchâtel joined Institut Montaigne in January 2019 as Director of the Asia Program. He was previously Senior Policy Fellow and Deputy Director of the Asia and China Program at the European Council of Foreign Relations (2015-2018), Senior Researcher and the Representative in Beijing of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (2011-2015), Research Fellow with Asia Centre in Paris (2007-2011) and Associate Researcher based in Taipei with Asia Centre (2004-2007). He has spent a total of nine years in Shanghai (Fudan University), Taipei (National Chengchi University) and Beijing and has been visiting scholar at the School of International Studies of Peking University in 2011/2012, the Japan Institute of International Affairs in 2015, and the Institute of National Defense and Security Research in Taipei in September 2020. He holds a Ph.D in political science from the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Paris).

For Institut Montaigne, he recently authored Economic Security: the Missing Link in EU-Japan Cooperation (April 2023), Semiconductors in Europe: the Return of Industrial Policy (March 2022), Technology Transfers: the Case for an EU-Japan-US Cooperation Framework (March 2022), The Weak Links in China's Drive for Semiconductors (January 2021), Fighting COVID-19: East Asian Responses to the Pandemic (May 2020, with François Godement and Viviana Zhu), and Europe and 5G: the Huawei Case (May 2019, with François Godement).

Other recent publications include Blue China, Navigating the Maritime Silk Road to Europe (2018), Géopolitique de la Chine, Paris, PUF, Que Sais-Je ?, (3rd edition in 2022), Pre-empting defeat: In search of North Korea’s nuclear doctrine (2017), Influence by default: Europe’s impact on military security in East Asia (2017), China’s Policy in the East China Sea, The Role of Crisis Management Mechanism Negotiations with Japan (2008-2015) (2016), Terror overseas: understanding China’s evolving counter-terror strategy (2016), Into Africa: China’s global security shift (2016), Xi’s army: Reform and loyalty in the PLA (2016), China’s Strong Arm, Protecting Nationals and Assets Abroad, IISS-Routledge (2015).

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