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Margaux Tellier-Poulain

Project Manager - Health and Social Security

Resident Fellow

Margaux Tellier-Poulain has been Project Manager Health and Social Security at the Institut Montaigne since November 2023. Before joining Institut Montaigne, Margaux was a social affairs and gender equality advisor at the French Senate. As such, she was in charge of following the social security budgetary discussions, the bioethics law as well as any bill examined by the Social affairs committee at the Senate. Margaux has an international background with experience at the Clinton Foundation in NYC, NY and at the European Commission. She was assistant project officer at the Institut Montaigne in 2020. 

Her research focuses on social security, health innovation, healthcare systems, disability, child protection and elderly policies. 

Margaux graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University, a MSc in European Public Policy from University College London and a Master's of Public Affairs from Sciences Po Paris.

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