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Institut Montaigne features a platform of Expressions dedicated to debate and current affairs. The platform provides a space for decryption and dialogue to encourage discussion and the emergence of new voices.

COP27: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity

COP27, which will be held from November 6 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, comes at a critical time, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine. The climate crisis, geopolitical tensions and energy shortages facing much of the globe could hamper this conference’s ambitious targets. Yet, the objectives set out by this event have never been so consequential for the future of our planet. We cannot afford to squander this chance. How can we turn the current crisis into an opportunity at this COP? What new alliances and objectives can we collectively set? This is what this series seeks to respond to. Our shared conviction is that a unity of purpose around the climate crisis is the best way forward.

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