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September 2017

"Towards a Prosperous Europe? Dialogue between Americans and Europeans” with the Atlantic Council


Institut Montaigne organised a breakfast debate with Andrea Montanino, C. Boyden Gray Fellow on Global Growth and Finance and Director Global Business & Economics Program at the Atlantic Council; C. Boyden Gray, former US ambassador to the EU; Bruno Deletré, managing director at Crédit Foncier and Natacha Valla, economist, head of political and strategic affairs division of the economic analysis department at the European Investment Bank. The discussion, moderated by Morgan Guérin, policy officer at Institut Montaigne, focused confronting and comparing European and American visions on the future of Europe, in the light of Montaigne’s report The Europe we need and The Atlantic’s report Charting the Future Now: European Economic Growth and its Importance to American Prosperity.

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