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January 2023

Facing a Surge of Global Inflation: Should We Worry?


On the 8th February, Institute Montaigne hosted a webinar with Elga Bartsch, Head of MacroResearch at BlackRock Investment Institute, to discuss with Éric Chaney, Economic Advisor at Institute Montaigne, on the theme “Facing a Surge of Global Inflation: Should We Worry?”

The pandemic has brought about many changes and challenges - but a clear consequence we are still facing is the return of inflation. This current surge is being felt not just by advanced economies, but also by emerging markets and developing economies. Although its effects may vary across countries, the task of reducing inflation and resolving the problem remains to be a global challenge and fall to the major central banks.

During the webinar, Éric Chaney and Elga Bartsch discussed what action plans countries must adopt to ease the sting of inflation and whether this will be a long term situation, or a momentary lapse. 

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