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Zippora Okoth

Filmmaker and Artivist

Dr. Zippora Agatha Okoth is a Lecturer of Theatre Arts and Film at Kenyatta University and a French African Young Leaders Program Laurette. She holds the First PhD in theatre Arts from a Kenyan University.  She is an expert on Creative Arts, Education, Gender and Development Issues. She is the founder and Festival Director of the Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival (LIPFF) which focuses on Films in African Languages. She is the Director of Legacy Arts and Film Lab which produces films, theatre, commercials and documentaries.

She has served as a member of the Kenya Film Policy task force, the Kenya Cultural Centre Act task force and as an Executive Committee member of the Kenya National Music and Cultural Festival under the Ministry of Sports and Heritage. She was the top Judge for the Ms President Reality TV Show on KTN HOME-Kenya, and has served as a Jury in various Film Festivals in Eastern Africa. She is an author, Performing Artist, Storyteller, an award-winning director and producer. She is the director of the feature film Midlife Crisis. Her works focus on changing the African narrative and with a great focus on women’s Issues.

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