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Robert Y. Shapiro

Professor of Government and International and Public Affairs at Columbia University

Robert Y. Shapiro is the Wallace S. Sayre Professor of Government and International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. He is the President of The Academy of Political Science and Editor of its journal, Political Science Quarterly.  He specializes in American politics with research and teaching interests in public opinion, policymaking, political leadership, the mass media, and applications of statistical methods. He is co-author of  The Rational Public: Fifty Years of Trends in Americans' Policy Preferences (with Benjamin Page, University of Chicago Press, 1992) and Politicians Don't Pander: Political Manipulation and the Loss of Democratic Responsiveness (with Lawrence Jacobs, University of Chicago Press, 2000). His most recent books are The Oxford Handbook of American Public Opinion and the Media (edited with Lawrence R. Jacobs, Oxford University Press, 2011), Selling Fear: Counterterrorism, the Media, and Public Opinion (with Brigitte L. Nacos and Yaeli Bloch-Elkon, University of Chicago Press, 2011, and Perspectives on Presidential Elections, 1992-2022 (edited, The Academic of Political Science, 2021). He recently received the 2022 Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement from the American Association for Public Opinion Research.

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