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Julian Jaursch

Project Director "Strengthening the Digital Public Sphere | Policy", Stiftung Neue Verantwortung

Julian Jaursch is head of the project "Strengthening the Digital Public Sphere". In this capacity, he analyzes and evaluates existing approaches to strengthen the digital public sphere and identifies potential regulatory measures to safeguard it against harms. The project aims to devise concrete policy proposals for political and civil society decision-makers.

Prior to this, Julian had already worked on topics of digitization, digital politics and data protection. Most recently, he coordinated a dialogue with multiple federal ministries, companies and civil society organizations to establish new educational offers on various digital topics. He had previously led a know-your-rights campaign at a Berlin-based NGO that dealt with EU data protection rights, which not only explained these rights to citizens but also enabled and encouraged them to use their rights. During his tenure at a political consultancy, he supported companies and associations with developing and executing their political communications and lobbying strategies.

Julian completed a journalism degree and has worked as an intern and freelancer in various editorial offices in Germany and the US. In the TransAtlantic Masters Program at the University of North Carolina, Humboldt University Berlin and Free University Berlin, he focused of European studies. His PhD in political science, for which he conducted research at Free University Berlin and Columbia University, explored US states’ transatlantic relations.

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