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Joseph Dellatte

Resident Fellow - Climate, Energy and Environment

Resident Fellow

Dr. Joseph Dellatte joined Institut Montaigne’s Asia Program in 2022 as Research Fellow for Climate, Energy, and Environment. He is also a Research Associate at Kyoto University (Japan) and a member of the Japanese Research Group on Renewable Energy Economics. He specializes in international climate policy and global climate governance,  focusing on carbon pricing, industry decarbonization policy, transition finance and Asia-Europe relations on climate.

Joseph spent 6 years in Kyoto, Japan. He holds a Ph.D. and an MSc in Economics and Environmental Policy from Kyoto University (2016-2021). He also holds a Bachelor degree of Philosophy & Letters and an MSc in History and International relations from the University of Liège.

He was a Belgian youth delegate to the United Nations headquarter in New York (2014-2015). He contributed for Belgium to the discussions on the UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda on climate change related intergenerational equity and on the Rights of sexual and gender minorities youth. He was also a delegate for Belgium to the European Youth Forum (2014-2015) and a Policy Officer on youth issues in Brussels.

For Institut Montaigne, he recently authored The Challenges of a Hydrogen Policy for Industrial Decarbonization (February 2023, with Georgina Wright) and Welcome to the Climate Club: Prospects for Europe and East Asia (October 2022) . Other recent publications include: Climate and Energy Law and Policy in the EU and East Asia (Book chapter, Edward Elgar), (2023); How to include developing countries in a Climate club (CEBRI Journal) (2023);Understanding Barriers to Linking heterogeneous Emissions Trading Schemes: Evidence from and Lessons for Northeast Asia. (Environmental Politics), (2022);  Enforcing sustainable auction-based ETS in a Post-COVID-19 world: Evidence from and Lessons for Northeast Asia, in Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation, London, (2021); May Link Prevail! A Comparative Analysis of Lessons Learnt from (Not) Linking Carbon Markets in Japan and Oceania, in Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation, London (2020).

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