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Jean-Paul Tran Thiet

Senior Fellow - Justice, European Affairs

Senior Fellow

Jean-Paul Tran Thiet used to be a French and European civil servant. He has held top-ranking positions as an advisor and a negotiator in both Paris and Brussels, including those as:

  • Advisor to the private office of the Vice-president of the European Commission,
  • Head of department at the SGAE, General Secretariat for European Affairs,
  • Advisor, and then Co-Director of the private office of two Ministers in charge of European Affairs,
  • Special Advisor of the French Prime Minister.

After this public career, he joined the Paris Bar as an Attorney specialised in European law and economic regulation, including antitrust.

Jean-Paul has always been active in not-for-profit activities, as Member of the Board of Institut Montaigne and Chairman of its "European Affairs" working group, Secretary General of Avenir-Transports, a group of members of the French Parliament, Honorary Chairman of the French association of Energy law, etc.

His latest publication, “Saving the Right to Asylum”, is a production of a joint working group between Institut Montaigne and Terra Nova, two prominent French think tanks.

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