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Jean-Michel Huet

Partner, BearingPoint

Jean-Michel Huet is a partner at BearingPoint after having worked at France Telecom and PwC. For more than 20 years, he has been assisting telecom and utilities operators, media, governments and international institutions in their development strategy. He is particularly involved in the digital transformation of organizations. He is the head of BearingPoint's Africa & International Development (A&ID) practice and has been involved in more than half of the countries on the African continent for the past ten years. He opened the firm's Casablanca office in 2011.

Jean-Michel Huet is the author of some twenty books, including Stratégie Internationale (2015), Le Digital en Afrique (2017) and Le développement de l'entreprise à l'international (2018). Since 2010, he has also led the Observatoire du développement international, an observatory on the international development of companies, in partnership with HEC and La Tribune.

Jean-Michel Huet is a graduate of Sciences-Po Paris and Neoma Business School.

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