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Guillaume Soto-Mayor

Lead research engineer, CNAM Security and Defense Research Team

Guillaume Soto-Mayor graduated from the University of Oxford and from the IEP de Strasbourg. He is currently lead research engineer in charge of the development and coordination of the CNAM Security and Defense Research team (SDRT). He teaches in several universities at master's level (Sciences Po Paris, St Andrews, IEP Strasbourg, CNAM).

Expert for the United Nations and former adviser to the general commanding the French Elements in Senegal, he has conducted in-depth field research on criminal and terrorist networks in West, Central and North Africa. He has also carried out important work to raise awareness and provide operational support to local and international leaders on these issues. His current research work focuses on the role of Mafias as geostrategic actors, organised crime (drugs, weapons, medicines, environmental etc.) and terrorist networks (operations, financing etc.) in Africa and Europe, radicalization and the emergence from violence, and finally the frame of reference for radical proselytism.

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