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Florian Bercault

Mayor of Laval and President of Laval Agglomération

Born in May 1990, Florian Bercault is the youngest mayor among France's major cities and the youngest conurbation president. A long-time social-ecologist without being a member of any political party, he heads a list of left-wing, environmentalist and civil society rallies that wins on 28 June 2020. He was elected Mayor of Laval, the city-prefecture of the Mayenne department on 3 July, then President of Laval Agglomération (34 municipalities) on 7 July.

Graduated of Sciences Po and HEC Paris, he launched himself into entrepreneurship by participating in the development of a participative financing platform dedicated to renewable energies, before founding his own company in 2017. At the head of a team of ten people, this company analyses and evaluates start-ups in order to identify their development potential, taking into account financial as well as social and environmental criteria. He leaves his executive functions in August 2020 to devote himself fully to his mandates.

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