Institut Montaigne has provided analyses of each of the big elections that have structured France’s democratic life since 2012: the 2012 presidential elections, the 2014 municipal elections, the 2015 regional elections, and the 2017 presidential elections. We have been producing estimated costs and analyses of candidates’ proposals, addressed to all citizens. These were complemented by a public finance monitoring tool - our website -, which is the first of its kind in France, and which provides 3 serious games. The first is dedicated to the State’s budget, the second to the balance of pension schemes and the third to the French healthcare system. Its goal is to exhort public figures to formulate viable and sustainable recommendations for our public finances.

Recommendations are a first step in the right direction, but implementation is crucial! In order to ensure that the promises made during the last presidential campaign are implemented, Institut Montaigne has monitored the winning candidate’s commitments to propose to you, a year after the presidential election, a quantitative and qualitative review of Emmanuel Macron’s action so far.


Our aim

Our aim is to provide citizens with objective data and qualitative analyses enabling them to assess Emmanuel Macron’s first year in power. Focusing on 10 detailed themes, Institut Montaigne presents to you:

  • A reminder of what Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promises were on each issue

  • A review of his first actions

  • The estimated cost of some of the reforms that have already been implemented

  • Analyses of the situation one year in

An assessment of what the presidential term's next priorities ought to be according to our experts.

Our methodology

For this work, Institut Montaigne has involved specialists who are recognized for their expertise on each of the topics addressed. Circa 30 contributors have analyzed the current situation with regards to the budget, competitiveness, the labor market, education, healthcare, defence, foreign policy, etc. This overview does not intend to be comprehensive, yet it covers a large part of the action led by the French government since May 2017. It was thus necessary to make editorial choices: the focus is being made on the fields of public action that either have a significant impact on the State’s budget or that correspond to the President’s strategic priorities. International affairs occupy a central part in the work produced by Institut Montaigne, in order to reflect the French President’s action abroad - in Europe, in Africa, in the United States, in the Middle East, and in Asia.

In order to guarantee the work’s transparency and objectivity, a team of public finance experts external to Institut Montaigne was entrusted with the cost estimates of the measures implemented so far. All the sources used for their calculations are mentioned and based on public data. The successive validation procedures and the collegiality of our work guarantees the quality of both the analyses and cost estimates presented on this website.