The Montaigne Institute is a leading French think tank, whose aim is to foster independent thinking on policy matters.

Who we are

A non-profit organisation based in Paris, the Montaigne Institute is a pioneering independent think tank founded by Claude Bébéar in 2000.

The Montaigne Institute is a platform for reflections, proposals and experimentations dedicated to public policy in France and Europe. We bring together leaders from public administration, civil society, industry, and academia, to propose concrete solutions to improve France’s social cohesion, competitiveness and public finances.

Our work is the product of a method of research open to cross-country comparisons and rigorous data analyses. We regularly publish reports and policy papers on a wide range of subjects (recently on the future of Europe, discriminationreligion and society, the circular economy, and more). We also promote our actions (proposals, public policy evaluations, participation of citizens, experimentations) by organising high level events.

Our activity is supported by over 100 companies of different sizes in different industries. We are funded exclusively by private contributions, none of which exceed 2% of our annual budget (to date, circa 3.9 million euros).


President - Henri de Castries (on leave)
Vice President - David Azéma
Vice President - Jean-Dominique Senard
Honorary President - Claude Bébéar
Honorary President - Bernard de la Rochefoucauld

Emmanuelle Barbara - Managing Partner, August&Debouzy
Nicolas Baverez - Essayist, Lawyer
Marguerite Bérard-Andrieu - Chief Executive Officer in charge of the Group Finance, Strategy, Legal Affairs, Group Company Secretary, BPCE Group
Jean-Pierre Clamadieu - Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO, Solvay
Olivier Duhamel - Essayist, Political Scientist
Mireille Faugère - Chief Counsellor at the Court of Auditors
Christian Forestier - Former Dean of Education
Marwan Lahoud - Former Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Airbus Group
Natalie Rastoin - Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy France
René Ricol - Co-founder, Ricol Lasteyrie Corporate Finance
Arnaud Vaissié - Chief Executive Officer, International SOS
Philippe Wahl - Chief Executive Officer, La Poste Group
Lionel Zinsou - President, PAI Partners

Becoming a member

For companies based in France, the membership fee is indexed on the turnover:

  • If inferior to 150M EUR: 20,000 EUR (gross), that is 8,000 EUR (net) after tax credit.
  • If between 150M and 760M EUR: 35,000 EUR (gross), that is 14,000 EUR (net) after tax credit.
  • If superior to 760M EUR: 65,000 EUR (gross), that is 26,000 EUR (net) after tax credit.

Please note that for companies whose functional corporate HQ is not based in France, tax credits are not possible